How does arduplane calculate airspeed without an airspeed sensor?

Arduplane gives me airspeed on my OSD as well as wind direction, but I couldn't find what it uses to compute that data if I don't have an airspeed sensor

I have APM Plane 3.0.3 on a pixhawk

For instance, at the 4:50 offset of this video, it's way wrong:

(my airspeed was not 18kph, way below my stall speed, and the wind speed was not 22kph, the rest of the flight never showed that value)

I assume that if I add an airspeed sensor, I'll get better data, but warns that it can be tricky to setup in APM. Still, I think I'll give it a shot.

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I asked a similar question in this thread:

A couple of the replies might help you.



oops, look like I failed to answer you.

Thanks much for the link. Pure f'ing magic it is :)

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