How important is a PDB? New wiring mistakes...

Your chance to pick a newbs wiring apart! I blew the power in diode on the motor side, so I had to get even more creative.



 My RTF quads in past have been wired very differently than the j drones arducopter.  Usually all the escs were connected on all three pins to the quadrino zoom with one of the motor esc's powering the board and the RX.

I wired my apm 2 osd and xbee using the existing wiring configuration.  I think I may have made a rather large error by wiring all of it to only one ESC.

1) What is worse case scenario with this wiring?

2) Is there an effective way to wire w/out using a distribution board?

I am plannng on building an x eight, so I don't think I can use a distribution board any way, is this correct?  

wiring diagram 1 newb errors_edited-1.jpg

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  • Can anyone tell me the drawbacks of this wiring setup?  Is it too much draw off one 18amp esc?

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