How the Frequency of RC Transmitter can be changed

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                   I was using a 40 MHz T6EXP Futaba transmitter in PCM mode with the PCM Receiver of same frequency R13P 6 channel Futaba Receiver with 40 Mhz crystal.  Just few days back i lost my receiver , and could not find the same available with 40 Mhz crystal. I have a doubt can i have a different receiver with apair of crystal. And Will the transmitter work with different crystal or it is designed to work only on 40 MHz. PLease Help regarding this.

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it may not. For the price of new Rx and crystal , you might be better off with one of Assan 2.4 or Corona hack module from HK

if you want to stay with PCM rx you can use all Futaba PCM rx. PCM is proprietary, so no interchangeable. Otherwise you can use other brand rx in PPM mode. I used Futaba PPM rx too with Graupner TX.

About crystals you can use all the channels within the 40MHz band. If the hardware is well done it is filtered for this band. There are rx that works with other bands too, but this is a sign of bad hardware design.
If you use Futaba RX better stay with Futaba crystals. There are slight difference between brands crystal cuts.
For those who wants to be finicky better to send hardware to service to have it fine tuned for the exact frequency you use.

But at this point I agree with Morli : it could be the right moment to switch to 2.4GHz, there are a lot (Jeti ...)


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