how to add analog input sensor (load cells) for weight measurement

Hi everyone I'm a new member here my name is Edwin. I really need some help with my mini project that I'm working on now. . The main question is, is it possible to add external analog input sensor to pixhawk? I may need to use about 3-5 analog load cells for weight measurement.

I'm assigned to use hkpilot32 which I believe is the same as pixhawk to determine my current position on a small 50m x 50m strawberry farm. There are roughly about 20 rows of strawberries there. On each row, I will need to place the load cells in the bucket and measure the weight of the collected strawberries every 2meter, at the same time recording my position on the farm. So, how can I possibly use this analog load cells with the system?

From the load cell weight data, I may have to separate them into 3 levels (good, average, low). The plan is to use this different levels and represent them as different colour (green, yellow, red) on Mission Planner. Is it possible to modify the lines displayed on Google Maps on the mission planner? It would be very exciting if I can ever learn about how to do such stuff. Hope that someone can guide me coz I'm totally newbie and know little about these things. Appreciate every response from the community. Thank you in advance :-)

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