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  • Once you've answered the operational country question, the next question is:

    What cargo is it?

    Difference materials require different storage and transport options, some are a legal requirement (eg: transportation of chemicals). These will have an effect on the retention and deployment system, and the loading process. All of these affect the technical design.

  • There is no point even considering the technical issues until the issue of legality is solved.

    So for the third time, in which country will this operation be based?

  • It's pretty simple.

    Which country you intend to operate this from dictates whether this is even an exercise worth attempting. Many countries have strict LoS rules for craft over 25kg for example. Here is Switzerland, even the military don't get to fly BLoS. And no, I'm not joking.

    A word of advise. The more you try to conceal your mission, your location and your background, the more people become suspicious of it. This is an open community, based around Open Source controllers and generally being altruistic in knowledge, as long as that knowledge is not misused. Which is why you are being asked about this stuff.

    For example: As mentioned, I design payload system, and as a Swiss resident, I absolutely will not stand for my systems to be used for anything other than peaceful uses. You won't believe the calls I get about "If I used this to drop a 1kg bag of power from 5m, would the bag burst?".

    There are also practical question. 40kg. Of what? Exactly what the cargo is dictates how it should be carried, and what regulation apply. It will affect the performance of the vehicle. So please answer the question - what exactly are you carrying that weights 40kg?  And only occupies half a metre cubed? That's a seriously dense substance.

    So please. Start to be a little more open and a little less abrasive when answering the questions.

  • Nobody trolled you.

    Some were incredulous at your objective, some were suspicious of your cryptic or complete lack of responses. You still haven't told us which country you are in, for example (there are regulatory reasons for asking this). Given the scale of your project, you could forgive them for thinking that you were actually trolling them.

    You were asked some probing questions, but nobody trolled you. And you responded with rudeness.

  • Moderator

    hft seeker, you have been quite rude to folks that have been trying to guide you on the way. English may not be your first language so we will give you some lee way.

    Please tone down your rhetoric. Folks are generally willing to help and friendly around here.

  • 2. No, I don't have any contacts.

    It shouldn't be hard to find companies capable of doing what you want. They are not under ground you know, a bit of googling should get you the contacts. I don't really think that it could be considered a diy project.

    Lastly, you should be open about your project if you want any help here. This site is about sharing information. It's not a place where you can get free consultation.

  • If you have people doing it for you...why are you here?

    Yeah, I'm definitely out.

  • I don't think this thread is attracting trolls so much as people who are struggling to cope with the idea at you obviously have done very little research and haven't even got to the stage of flying an arduplane small scale electric craft and are talking about satellite links and large petrol engines.

    You have come to a community where 100km is considered a large distance and a payload of 3 kgs considered relatively large and make it seem like we are being unhelpful because we can't give more information despite providing very little information on what your vehicle is for  and at the moment it sounds highly illegal in multiple ways regardless of the country you fly in or payload you intend to carry.

    IMHO it is you who is more of the troll than many of the members who have replied here and by coming here with such frankly ridiculous aims on your budget and your lack of knowledge or apparent willingness to research things for yourself you are bound to attract attention of people who will reply in a trollish manner.

    • Telling someone to 'grow up' because they think something is a challenge in an area you seem to know next to nothing about and haven't even taken the time to try and learn about is in itself very juvenile.

      And I am sorry if you believe that my response was ridiculing and insulting however whilst slightly blunt I would call it realistic before using any of those adjectives to describe it. 

      --I would respond to your next sentence however I struggle to understand it and so will move on.

      Finally I chose to respond rather than move on because although I put it bluntly and potentially hurt some feelings I think that occasionally people need to step back and look at what they are doing and how they are going about it. (everyone needs to rethink ideas once in a while) In your case I and many others believe that you are trying to run before you can walk and would be better off readjusting your aims, at least for the short term. That or order in expert help which you have already said you are unwilling to do due to the cost involved.

      PS telling someone they need to grow up because of what they think is a challenge seems insignificant to you is provocative (see the definition of a troll) 

      PPS please use the spell check - it makes it easier to read and is there for a reason.

    • And with that, I'm out.

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