how to control the height consistency of brushless motor stator core laminations

How to control the height consistency of brushless motor stator core laminations

As we know, When the BLDC motor design is high speed and high frequency with high efficiency target, a thin silicon steel (such as 0.1mm,0.15mm or 0.2mm) will be much benefit to improve the motor efficiency when motor runs at high speed. for example the application of drones and medical cleaning motors, it runs over 10K RPM;

For such of a brushless motor stator stacks, the height tolerance consistence control is much important because height fluctuate will cause winding coil resistance differences and  the motor current inconsistence appears then, leads to motor performance differences.  

Then how to control the height tolerance with good consistency?

1. Stator stamping mold design: the stamping mold and gap must be designed and manuafcutured with um level and being proportately assembled with high precision.

2. the burrs tolerance must be controled <0.02mm, which other suppliers only control it to 0.05mm

3. we only use good material with good thickness consistency, we only use 0.2mm silicon steel with thickness tolerance <0.002mm to avoid accumulated height difference. If you have thin silicon steel designed stators, please send us drawing for evaluation and have technical discussion.

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