How to create a simulation for controlling a swarm of 50+ drones?

Hi guys,

I'm currently a student studying Systems Engineering and currently in my final year of study. I’ve just been given a project where I have to figure out how to create a simulation of controlling 50+ drones at one time. Now I don't now much about drones, simulations, or algorithms so I was wondering if you'd be able to provide any information on the following:

- How to create a simulation of drones? What software can be used?

- What algorithms I'll need to use to enable the drones to move together?

- How to control a swarm of 50+ drones?

- The maths and engineering behind drones, how they work and the best way to control a fleet of them.

I am able to program in C++, Matlab, Python and LabView although it has been a couple of years since writing in these languages so I may have to read up on them again. I can also pick up new things quickly and am eager to learn the new methods that are required to complete this project.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read my post,


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