How to get Griff 300 specs??

"The Griff 300 gets its name from the number of kilos it can lift and carry. Converted to U.S. measurements, the drone can lift up to 660 pounds, including the drone's own 165-pound weight. The drone can then fly with its cargo for 45 minutes, according to Griff Aviation."

165 pound drone that can carry cargo for 45 mins?? 

I feel like these specs are unheard of!

I want to design a heavy lift drone that can lift 180 - 200 pounds for around 20 mins.. And hoping to keep the weight of the craft itself under 80..

Any solution?

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  • The specifications of this company are not true, someone has forgot to make some calculations!!!

    GRIFF 350:


    Dimensions: 265cm x 280cm x 50cm

    Dimensions folded: 90cm wide x 160cm

    Rated payload: 150Kg (45 min)

    Maxumum payload: 200kg

    MTOW : 350kg

    The biggest propeller they can use with this dimensions is 1200mm (48 inch)

    Assuming than they weight 350kg with 200kg of payload, in the best case the empty airframe can weight 50kg and the battery 100kg, it is 13 minutes of flight with 150kg (300kg MTOW) in the best case, not 45 minutes. 

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