How to integrate APM codebase in PX4 codebase ?

This is more a question to Tridge, but could be interesting to many of us.

How to integrate the APM code tree in the PX4 one and modify it, in order to compile, download and run APM on PX4 board?

I already have the PX4 IDE and tools running. Compile, download and run PX4 code is already ok.


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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if there is now a way to do it. I want to use the Arducopter code that I modified to use it in the PX4. Do you know if there is a way to do it.

  • Working on it Angelo and trying to get Andrew to respond as well.

    Right now he is the keeper of the keys and by far the main man when it comes to performing this port.

    You can look at my currently somewhat pitiful and still slightly broken PX4FMU for ArduCopter set up walk through on the ArduCopter Wiki Here:

    I am working on getting this fixed at least enough to yield a usable PX4FMU Flash and hope to do another Wiki section that will detail the actual clone, modify, build and load process..

  • Angelo  I love the response  you got here .   Your thread is at the top of the list when I searced the forum. Some info has come out lately and their is a .px4 binary  that has the arducopter  single threaded task in the build .

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