How to interface MediaTek MT3329 module (w/o adapater) to Arduino Duimelanove?

Hii, nice to meet you all


Recently I bought MediaTeK 3329 module from DIY Drones. Actually I want to bought it complete with adapter as well, but the stock is last.

I'have tried to connect this modul with Arduino Duimelanove but cannot run, nothing I got. These are I have done :

- connect VCC (pin 1) to 3.3 V from Arduino Board

- connect GND (pin 3) to Arduaino GND

- connect VBACKUP (pin 4) with serially two AA battery (3V) (different power supply with Arduino board). I already joint the battery GND with Arduino GND.

- connect TXD (pin 9) with RX (pin0) Arduino board

- put MediaTex library on proper library location. This library as suggest by DIY Drones from this link

- run the example file (one packet with the library)


This is only i get the serial monitor 

" GPS MTK library test‚ "


Then I move outdoor perhaps to get better GPS signal, but nothing I get.


Does anyone can help me?


Thanks in advance


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I'm not 100% sure but I think there was also a Enable pin that you need to either pull up or down on Mtek chip. Check that first.

You can look mediatek manual from Google Docs.

Other than that your connection looks rather ok. I try to dig if I can find Jordi's PCB schematics for it to check more.
Thanks for your fast repply Jan.

Actually a already read the manual book for this module. They said besides pin 1, 3,4 & 9, we can keep open for normal operation. But nice to try your suggestion to pull high ENABLE pin for normal operation, let me try now.

Does anyone can share PCB schematic for the adapter?

Just tried to pull up ENABLE pin, the resul is still not work.

Can I use the library without adapter board? Does anyone have idea?
Hi guys! I am also looking for the adapter schematic. I need it to understand why does the adapter, when plug directly to the USB port (D+ and D- soldered directly to the usb cable) does not work. It keeps connecting and disconnecting and it is not recognized :\


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