How to know if ESCs are faulty?

Hi guys,

I crashed my quad today, it flipped over on some fine sand and for some reason the motors didn't stop turning and kicked up a whole lot of sand all over the quad. This lasted for a minute or more before I could reach it.

After I recovered the quad both of the right side motors were not turning as they should. I figured too much sand got into them and the motors got toasted.

I got home, stripped the quad down to clean up all the sand and replaced the two motors with brand new ones. The new motors seem to be turning better but are stuttering a little.

Now I suspect that the ESCs somehow got toasted along the way.

Is there a way to check if this is the case?

Please advise.


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  • Update:

    ESCs are fine, it seems that the new motors just needed some "burning in" to match the old ones...


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Aug 25