How to Laminate a Electric Car/Electric Vehicle EV Wheel Hub Motor stator and rotors with high performance?

How to do laminations for Electric Vehicle Wheel Hub Motor stator and rotors?

As we know, the Electric  vehicles is more and more popular and it is hot topics in recent years. The Electric Vehicles are driven by High performance wheel hub motors, while how to produce the stators and rotors with highest performance and efficiency for the wheel hub motor? here is some of our experience:

1. Stator and rotor design: normally for Wheel Hub Motor will use both silicon steel for stators and rotors; the Magnets is inserted into the rotors to create magnetic field;

2. Stator and Rotor Material: many of the wheel hub motor is using 0.35mm thickness silicon steel with low iron loss, while now more and more designers are improving the material from 0.35mm to 0.2mm to get low iron loss and higher motor efficiency;

3. Stator and rotor lamination technology: Normallly the common Interlock are not welcome for wheel hub motors and the welding or stator bonding varnish is being applied. the TIG Welding on Stator OD and Rotor ID is being designed to lower the magnetic field turbulence; also for some application, it use both bonding for stators and rotors to get highest performance.

4. Processing: the samples are normally being cut by laser cutting or EDM wire cutting; for the production, a stamping mold is being considered; 

if you are designing your own wheel hub motors, please send us your inquiry to us for further technical discussion on stator and rotor lamination.

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