I haven't been able to log raw imu data.  I'm interested in the accel and gyro data available in the Mission Planner software in Raw Sensor View.


The code looks like this data should be able to be logged, but it has never worked for me.  I can specifically enable all logs or even each one individually, but only a subset ever seem to actually be written.  Never what I'm looking for.


Is anyone else getting, say,  raw X, Y accel values somehow (while actually flying)?


It seems really important to me to make sure the imu isn't subject to too much vibration before testing any other feature.  I'll bet plenty of people are flying with vibration levels too high for reliable performance.  It would be nice to see some graphs of, say, the X and Y accel values during a hover and some discussion of what values would be considered acceptable.


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There was a bug in the CLI log "enable all" command, such that the log set was reset to the default group on the next reboot after using enable all (ie when switching to flight mode). I have checked in a revision to the trunk to correct the issue.
Thanks for pointing that out.

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