how to manufacturer 0.2mm Brushless dc motor stator and rotor core for the automatic equipment

Normally there is two process to manufacture the electrical motor stator and rotor with silicon steel:

1. it can wire cutting and cut the stator shape with silicon steel, after that laminate it with laser welding, with this method, the efficiency is low and prices is higher, so it can only be used for prototype sample stage for verification and testing. also it is difficult to get the proper tolerance and electrical performance.

2. it can be punched and stamped with punching mold. this is process for production and a mold should be designed to determine the stator shape. the height are controlled by the silicon steel sheet and how many pcs it should be laminated. with this process you need to pay the punching mold fees. due to the thinner of the silicon steel, more difficulty of the punching process as it is easier to be deformed and this will leads to electrical performance change. 

we are professional motor stator and rotor lamination supplier with more than 8 years of the experience, difficulty stator lamination and manufacturing is our advantage. we like challenge and we can perfectly meet your any tough task.

we have more than 50 set of ready-made punching mold that can be used for you and you do not need to pay the punching mold, this can perfectly for your prototype stage as you can get a high quality stator with lower cost than you imagined.

here is the ready-made punching mold list for your reference. please contact us to to get a quotation:

if you need to customize your stators and rotors, please send your technical drawing to

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