Introduction of axial flux stator lamination process

Disc motor has been used More and more application in recent years due to its high efficiency; while as the core component of disc motor, the axial flux stator is critical for the performance of disc motors; this articles aim to introduce the manufacturing process of axial flux motor stator;

Material: normally the axial flux stator will use silicon steel(electrical steel) from 0.2mm,0.35mm or 0.5mm; 

Sample Manufacturing: EDM Cutting has been introduced and applied to produce the samples, while the concentricity and result is not perfect, so we propose to use a simple stamping mold to produce the samples to get best result; 

Mass production: a stamping/punching mold has been created to punch the slots shape and a axial flux stator lamination machine has been combined with the stamping mold to scroll it and then use welding technology to fix the sheets; normally the stamping mold is not expensive and about $3000-$5000 dollars; when produce about 2K pcs stators, the punch mold head should be replaced with a new one with cost about $1600 dollars;

more about the process of axial flux stators(video and pictures), please refer to


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