How to recover from RC signal loss and RTL

What is the correct way to recover from an RTL signal loss test?

Today I tested the function to make the quad did an RTL when signal is lost from the RC controller transmitter.  I flew a ways away and put it into loiter. Throttle was about mid range and altitude about 15 meters. Then I turned off the RC controller.  It went into RTL and returned to hover over the launch point just like it should.  But when I turned the RC controller back on (without moving the sticks) it alarmed. The only way to get it back on and regain control of the quad was to reduce the throttle to zero. But before I could run it back up the quad rolled over and crashed breaking the camera mount, a motor, a prop, and an arm.

What is the correct way to complete a recovery from a signal loss RTL without crashing?


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  • This sounds like a common setup issue with RTL/Loiter/Position Hold mode changing and actually the test you performed is more of a Failsafe condition where the RC signal is lost.

    HERE is the Failsafe Wiki reference.

    It has been asked several times (though I cannot find the last discussion). If you can, post your tlog here it will provide data  needed to analyze what happened.

    THIS is how you obtain the log to post it.

    Sorry to hear about your crash but it is also an opportunity to learn more about the system.


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