Hi all,
           I m using Futaba 6 channel PCM Transmitter(T6EXAP). It has a two way switch on channel 5, which i want to upgrade to three way switch for my autopilot controls.
          Currently in upward position signal width at reciever is 1936(use for manual control) and in downward position its 4146(which i use for autopilot) if i can upgrade to 3 way then i may be successful in accessing middle value for other functions. So anybody have any idea how this PCM signal width varies with two way switch and how it can be upgraded to three way switch.
Hope you understand what i m asking .Thanks


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  • I'm afraid the two-way switches on the newer Futabas are digital inputs and can't be converted that way. You could convert a trim pot though. See This link

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Aug 25