Is there a way of completely resetting an APM2 back to factory default?

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I think that the Terminal tab using SETUP then Erase and Reset will do that.

Before you click the Terminal tab button be sure and set the correct USB port number and 115200. You don’t need to connect first. When you click the terminal button it will automatically connect. Also make sure that you have the latest Mission Planner.




Did you read wiki pages??

...there are a button in APM, to reset it.

Enter terminal, type 'setup' 'reset'
It also recommended that you then go into setup and type 'erase' to reformat the dataflash

The user was asking how to restore factory default, and not how to reboot the device using the reset button.

Thanks guys

I agree. I sure hope that pushing the reset button does not scramble all my parameters that I spent so much time tuning – LOL.


Does not read wiki pages.

Hi Bill, when I tried to reset my APM2.5 using the info from the wiki it starts with the statement hit enter 3 times, but immediately starts outputting gibberish, "?Q?3barometer calibration complete...Q1Q?-{Q?Q#?Q} and so on...none of the menu buttons are responsive except the logs....anythoughts?


This is what happens if you are connected before it actually finishes booting...when APM connects it attempts to send the 3x enter sequence, but obviously if it isn't running yet, it falls on deaf ears...simply press enter three times quickly and wait a moment and you should get the cli prompt.

On mission planner, go to "Config / Tuning", then to "Full Parameter List". On the right side there's a button called "Reset to Default"

I have tried this method....  Go to terminal and the unit just keeps popping up with question marks and telling me it needs a pre arm fix

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