How to test a new propeller?

Hi, I calculated a propeller that is very much like the one by da Vinci, except it has the airfoils of hummingbirds. I own a little quadricopter of mine and would like to try the propeller out. The problem arouse when I contaced shapeways, since they have no 3D printer that would be capable of printing in such detail. CNC mill is out of question due to slimness of the blades that would vibrate violently during milling operation. I thoufht the most reasonable approach would be to make higher resolution 3D printer, since I have many, many 3D designs anyway (some examples here). But honestly, 3D printer might be an overkill. The surface of my propeller is very large for its radius, I estimate perhaps 10 fold. So I need smaller propellers in order for motors to function. Or I can use the microcontroller from small drone and make a large drone with large propellers. Perhaps there is a better way?





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  • Well, it took a while, but I have the mold in 3D. It wasn't easy. I don't need the prototype any more, I can simply cast real object. Take care.

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