how to use cmos camera

I see this cmos camera on diydrones store which looks neat and tidy..but how would you actually use this thing? It doesnt record onboard does it? Do you have to connect it to a fpv system and if so, do you have any example of what could be used?


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  • I wouldnt honestly go for a CMOS len camera for this job. It isnt really good camera for some CCTV cameras for professional use. It depends on how high you want your drone to go, because you will need to think about the size of the lens you want to buy, if you are from the uk, I buy from tradexguru . They make cctv cameras on demand, and I just buy lens from them to. So hopefuly they will be able to supply you and advise you better than I can.
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  • 1. CMOS is a no no for quality videos for FPV. Did you noticed the other expensive cameras on the website are CCD?

    2. CMOS  do not deliver good videos when it is placed on a moving rc aircraft.

    3. The camera is usually connected to a power supply and to a video transmitter to send video signal down to a video receiver

        and view on a monitor or video goggles or record onto a hard disk.

    4. Try looking at FPV examples in I am not promoting their products but you can see a wide choice of FPV

       stuffs there.

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