Hi Guys, 

I'm working on a project in the university to enhance the flight duration of UAV using different kind of techniques. one of the methods that we are planning to use is thermal soaring. I'm using mission planner as ground station and i found that the ArduSoar’s team developed this amazing autonomous soaring functionality feature. I was trying to use this feature on my project but i have encountered several difficulties. I've read the instructions on the ardupilot website and the paper  that they published about how to set up the soaring feature but it was not clear for me. 

I found the soaring features on the Full parameters list in mission planner and my question now is how to activate this feature? how to activate any feature from the Full parameters list in general? what are the requirements to set up and utilize the thermal soaring? Do i need programming background to use this feature ? i would be very grateful if someone can help and explain to me in details the requirements and the steps to enable the soaring feature.


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