I am testing the mikrokopter platform right now. 
It is much more expensive then ardupilot, but has a lot of features.

- perfectly stable and level flight, even in strong winds
- holds altitude within a few inches using a barometric sensor
- GPS navigation (position hold, waypoints, return home)
- attitude compensation for attached camera (camera is level all the time)
- can carry more than 2 lbs using 6 motors, and about 0.5 lbs using 4 motors

here is a demo video made by one of the project founders: http://vimeo.com/6194911


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  • Hi Sebastian,

    I'm getting a Hexakopter and would like to ask what's your hardware solution for the attitude compensation.
    Are you using the MK HiSight II?
    I plan to have a camcorder onboard to record aerial video.

  • You'll find out that the word "perfectly" in "perfectly stable" is a bit exaggerated and that the platform is very limited when compared to "our" opensource projects like the AeroQuad. There are preset roadblocks and you can't do anything about them since it's not open.

    But it's also the most mature DIYish platform out there, so it has its merits :)
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Aug 25