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These things are dangerous.  I'm new here, but I come with a mission.  I am in the process of developing a Multi-Rotor Safety Shield that will protect humans from the danger 4-6 propellers present spinning at 10K to 40K.  Add in carbon fiber propellers and you have a flying razor blade.  Soon we will be seeing bigger copters with larger blades and they will be aluminum instead of plastic to prevent maintenance issues.3691239705?profile=original

So this may not be a typical hexcopter, but it could be.

3691239779?profile=originalThis is what I am developing. Both have GoPro cameras, both fly with accuracy and both are hexcopters. 

Why is it that no one is talking about the dangers of the props!

I'm starting a campaign to Safe The Drones!  No one should have to put up with drones that can cut, mame or eventually kill, because no one took the time to put a safety cage on them.

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  • Doug. Yes, I saw that last year. It is an excellent design. I personally feel that many approachs will be used in the future. My company is just starting up, but we are dedicated to safety. This type of substantial and complete protection absolutely must be mandatory as the industry moves forward.
  • Nice lines.

    Were you ever aware of SafeFlight Copters?


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