Has anyone used this charger? After studying FPV/UAV stuff I decided to go with a FX-79 2m plane with a 3S 16000 since this battery weighs about what two 3S 5000 yet has more than 1/3 watt hours. My next issue was charging the monster battery,

From the battery manufacture  

Charge Rate: 1C (16A)
Max Approved Charge Rate: 2C (32A)

Which means the charger needs some juice hence the Hyperion EOS 0840I 8S DC Charger (1000 Watt Output).

I have some PC power supplies that have issues on the +3 or +5 voltages but are good for +12 at 40 amp (600 Watt)  giving me head room on the 11.1 X 32 amp = 355.2 watt

Another nice thing about this charger is the PC USB hookup and PC application to run the charger OR the Android APP that can run the charger from my phone.

If I understand LiPo (doubt it) but the time to charge is total wattage / wattage per hour or 177.6/16 @1C = 11.1 hours OR 177.6/32 @2c = 5.55 hours kind of since the higher rate drops at 90% charge and to top off the battery will require an operational test to get the exact number.

I can see why users use two small battery packs, big chargers cost big bucks as in $300 + for AC/DC 1000 watt units. This charger is around $160 + the extra temperature probe for $11, shipping free and software free.

First I wait on the plane from china..... and wait... 

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