Hyperspectral camera

Anyone found a hyperspectral, or atleast extended spectrum camera that can visualize in complete darkness?

Basically a night vision camera without the need of adding ir light itself. For sensitive enough cameras even dark nights should be possible to see in some parts of the spectrum.


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  • I found something cool looking for night cameras.




    These guys convert standard cameras to nightmode etc. With very good results by the looks of it.


    This together with Canon developer/hacker kit CHDK this can be a extremly powerfull solution for my UAV.


    The camera can output AV to my TX and on the same time take pictures, films and do image processing.


    Looks great! :)

    Canon SD780IS
  • My advice is to look at IR security cameras for your front door.
    I have a camera which is 35mm x 35mm and runs on a ridiculous power system (that I will remove) but the images are so IR sensitive that I have placed a visible light filter on it. It's not HD it's not wireless its not a lot of things but it is cheap (£9.99) and very sensitive to the IR end of the spectrum.
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