I am very new here... I have a couple of questions regarding rules and regs

I am still scanning through all the posts on the rules and regulations so please be patient with me if I hit on anything previously posted. It is the intent of this post to gain some guidance in regards to light UAV operation in regards to aerial photography (i.g. taking pictures of properties for the purposes of realty companies etc)

At present, is it possible to legally take pictures from the air for profit?

I intend to use this mostly in residential areas operating at altitudes no greater than 400 feet (or thereabouts).
Also, I hope to use the concept to take pictures of river areas and recreational areas since the tourism industry is very strong here.

Can someone please point me to posts that already exist directly regarding these topics?

Is there any organization I can join in regards to this that might also be interested in expanding these operations in the Tennessee Valley area?

That's all the questions I have for now and I sincerely appreciate any help given.

on a personal note... this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, every since I was a kid. It isn't just about making a profit... in all honesty it may not even be mainly about that. I simply want to make a living doing something I love and hopefully pass on that legacy to my children.

Thank you.
Stephen McAmis

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One more question;
Do the rules change if the craft is tethered? Say a dirigible with capability of maneuvering in the air yet still tethered to the operator physically?
You can get guidelines for this from RCAPA.
I can see right away how helpful this will be. Thank you so much your timely response!

The questions that you have brought up have been previously discussed on the Forum. Using a UAS/UAV for commerical purposes requires that the aircraft have a certificate of compliance that is issued by the FAA. I believe that the process is expensive and time consuming. I suspect that a loosely thethered dirgible would fall in the same category as it is still unmanned and maneuverable.

Take a look at this discussion: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/705844:Topic:28336

TY sir... I appreciate that link as well.
After reading all the material I can find I come to these conclusions:

1) Companies are operating all over the place doing commercial aerial photography via personal drones.
2) There is a great deal of confusion (generally speaking) of the legality of these companies and their operations.

BTW... I realize now that this is primarily an amateur oriented site.
It's a great site and the community is active, opinionated, and knowledgeable. Invaluable to guys like me, in other words. ;)

one last question: Who should I contact in regards to broken links?

Thank you again for your help!
You can PM me with any broken links here on DIY Drones. Thanks!
Or me else you can mention the link that has issue in the same post
Some of the links in the Regulatory FAQ area seem to be broken. Is this a sign that things are about to happen? Several of the links I saved for myself regarding UAS on the FAA website are now broken as well. Has anyone heard rumors?
According to the FAA AC 91-57 is guidance regarding recreational use, not commercial use. AC 91-57 is where everyone is getting the 400' idea from. It is not for commercial aircraft. The FAA has repeatedly stated that AC 91-57 is not for commercial uses. This is one of the major reasons the FAA is creating new rules that will come down hard on commercial uses of model aircraft and sUASes. NPRM of new rules is due to be released in March 2011.

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