I burned APM 2.0 - need help


Please look at the picture, I burned chip probably because of wrong connection of sonar.
1. What is this chip? Is it possible to buy?
2. Is this repairable? I think I can do soldering like this.

Thank you

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  • Just for report. I replaced old chip. I did everything accurate and precise as you can see. Assembled APM still not working.


  • Developer

    You might want to check that that is the only problem you have. You can connect an FTDI TTL cable to UART0 via the pin outs highlighted in yellow on the attached picture. If that works you could use the solder jumpers to put Telemetry on UART2 and ignore the broken MUX (or you may need to remove the MUX chip to get it to work if its gone short circuit.)

    I think when Graham Dyer blew his MUX, he also had to change the ATMEGA2560 as well :(


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