I Can't power it up

Hi, i just got the board, and i very new to all this project, my issue at the moment is i can't power the board up, i'm using windows 7 on mac book pro with virtual machine, and nexus 7 usb cable.

I do plug the usb straight in the board, with the jumper off, and i don't have any activity, no leds, i check the device manager under the com ports nothing.

any help to resolve, do i miss something?


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  • Is this APM 2.0 or 2.5?

    Are you using the USB cable that was provided with the APM?

    Does your PC supply power via the USB port?

    Try a USB charger adapter - Mains(AC) to USB power --->USB ---->APM.

    It is possible that the APM side USB fuse has been opened.  :(

    If you can read electrical schematics, see my two simplified power schematics HERE.

    They are two of the featured discussions.


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