My dynam hawk sky airplane came with 2    5 by 6      propellers, but I can't find any replacements. The closest one I can find to the right size is 6 by 4. But the propeller cannot have a 6 inch diameter because it would hit the planes body. Does anyone know of anywhere to by a 5 by 6 basic propeller?   Places with big bulk would be nice.

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  • From the specs it looks like moving up to a 6x4 results in a big improvement.

    It can probably fly straight up although it looks like the motor starts getting hot at full throttle. I would cut a notch out with a hot wire or an exacto knife and run the bigger prop. You won't be disappointed.
  • Here is a picture of my stock propeller. It is clearly a 5x5.

    Hawksky stock propeller

    When did you get your hawksky? All of the ones I have seen this year have had this propeller. I wonder when they switched.

    What is the kv rating of your motor? I saw claims over at rcgroups that the stock motor is around 2200 kv. I crudely measured the air velocity behind the propeller to be about 4500 FPM. If my calculations are correct this comes out to be nearly 11,000 RPM with a 5x5 prop. Does your motor spin this fast?
  • I believe that my hawksky cam with 5x5 props. Nitroplanes and Hobbypartz both sell 5x5 replacements.

    Even though the hobbypartz version is listed under the EXI brand name it is equivalent to the Dynam part down to the part number.

    However I recommend upgrading the power system on the hawksky. I put in a 2409-12T motor, a 30 amp ESC and a 7x6 prop. I had to cut a notch out of the fuselage for propeller clearance. Granted my stock motor was poor quality to begin with but the increase in performance was very dramatic.
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