I have Loiter problem in V2.9.1

In v2.8 my loiter was pretty good as far as altitude hold. Now I'm on v2.9.1 and quad flies good in Stabilize but when I switch to Loiter it either drops like a rock or accelerates upwards. Throttle is about 50% for hover so I think this is good. I'm wondering how to fix before I try other flight modes. I tried Loiter at ~ 10' and then again ~ 30' with same result. Sonar is enabled and verified in raw data. I have a solid GPS lock. I tried riding out the Loiter by modulating the throttle myself and the throttle is all over the place. I have checked MP and it reports Loiter on the HUD when I flick the FM switch. Anybody else having similar problem?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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         The advice on disabling the sonar is definitely a good one because it removes another source of problems.

          I imagine that the issue is vibration.  There's a advice in the trouble shooting guide here and Gary McCray has a separate vibration dampening discussion going on here.

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    Disable the sonar (MP Hardware page) and you should be fine. The sonar can generate a lot of noise, and is only meant for low-altitude terrain following. 

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