• hi all member firts thing i clear that to u all i ask simlair like reaper its not mean that i need repaer 

    i lik e its degsin that why i ask if any one have small drone 25 to 50 kgs also accept 

  • when you cut to the chase with this guy, he is is looking for weapons delivered to Baghdad, iraq. RC planes with grenades n shit like that. claims he is with the iraqi government. most likely he is isis or the kind. i have asked for legit documentation, he shows none. i would not suggest anyone offer him a moment of your time.

  • Indeed Bill!  It's not the first time I've seen noobie posts on drone forums by - shall we say, likely fundamentalist followers of Mohammed - asking for help to build drones with weird but decidedly capable specifications!

    Wakey-wakey folks!  People entertaining these kinds of ideas will only end badly for them personally and likely be hugely damaging for the hobby.  We have enough regulations looming already!

  • Moderator

    I'm not sure that this person is really serious.  He wanted full scale weaponized drones with hard points on the wings that could carry 1500kg.   If you build something like that in the US, you must also like spending time in federal prison.

  • what you are design

  • Impossible. This is not serious.

    Who need a drone with this specs?  governs, army, drugs may be? ... 

  • what u can make for me and what kind off drone u can make 

    Andrew Rabbitt said:

    Gary Mortimer said:

    He seems to want 1 to 1 scale reapers...

    with frickin' lasers!  Mwwwaahhhaaaaaahahaha...

  • Gary Mortimer said:

    He seems to want 1 to 1 scale reapers...

    with frickin' lasers!  Mwwwaahhhaaaaaahahaha...

  • Hello...

    I am a professional UAV manufacturer.

    our primary vehicles are airships, but we build all types of aircraft including fixed wing and rotorwing.

    I have built and flown aircraft more than 1000 aircraft. including up to 200 kg aircraft.

    Gasoline, Alcohol, Diesel, Electric, Solar, or Hybrid.

    Rapid prototypes, often in as little as 60 days.

    Larry Fleming

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