I'm developing a octocopter with tons of technology in it with high powered motors. (FPV, Parachute, Heavy Payload, Data Logging)

I need something I can program myself if I know C/C++. So what Microcontroller/Board do I use?

Guy told me to use a AtMega, but what board?


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  • Yep get an ARF kit....that will allow you to go to the hobby store and get what you need quickly!

    They usually come with the power plates and arms and the screws to put it together. From there you will be able to choose motors ESC flight control board props everything....but when you crash you will only need to go get that arm you broke...trust me I am on the way to go get three arms tomorrow.....stupid TX batteries....make sure they are charged or fresh new ones before you decide to take you platform up 100 feet. At least look at your voltage on the TX and don't ignore it when it starts beeping and cold outside. For some reason they tend to drain really fast in cold weather.

    I’m being fascias don’t tell me I already know ;)

  • "A ton of technology" implies you've not really got an idea of what's to go into it, and it's about the "Shiny, shiny!".

    I would advise on defining the mission, and building backwards from there, using only the components required for the mission, and nothing else. It won't have the bells and whistles, but will have a far higher chance of *actually delivering results*. There are too many projects around with "ooh, look how cool and shiny it is!", but either don't work, or serve any practical purpose. Don't be one of those guys.

    And if you're programming yourself (to what end, is not clear), I would advice getting a barebones setup. Assuming you're doing flight dynamics, you *will* crash. And break stuff. A lot. So don't spend your 7k budget fixing stuff. And you have a lot of catching up to do, to replicate the mature model Randy et al have developed over countless man hours.

  • Well just reading what you posted without any thought.....you can't do two things you talk about at the same time....heavy pay load requires low kv motors and big props that spin slow. Not high performance motors. You will spin the props apart in flight. Most of everything else you speak of has been done before you just need to do a little searching even on youtube. Unless this is for a class project where you need to start at the bottom why reinvent the wheel? Just use what is commercially available and build your platform....it will still be from the ground up as you choose what you put in it.

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