I was connecting to the configurator fine but had a problem with on of the motors, I fiddled with the pwr connector with the power on and I think I hosed things. I can no longer connect to the configuration program. Any one know if I can reset or fix this problem??


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Do you have xbees? If you do, enable the line in the code for xbee and then try connecting to the configurator that way.

Check your CLI switch on the back right of the APM.  Make sure it's shifted forward (towards to the front of the APM) and then try reconnecting with the configurator.



No xbee...

Randy, it is moved forward, but I tried both direction no change....is there a way to do factory reset???

Factory reset can be done in CLI lol..but I guess that doesn't help ya lol

Humm...on a quess I disconnected the Mag. and it connected. So it was related to the Mag.

I still have a problem with the left motor, but I think its a faulty motor, I am checking that now.


Thanks for everyones help....

Did you wire the mag correctly? How did you connect it, did you use the GPS cable with 2 of the leads cut?
Taylor, yes I did use the GPS cable, but it wasn't abundantly clear from the photo to exactly what wires went where. Do you have a better example or instructions on the exact wiring for the GPS cable/Mag Connector?

It's the four right most wires on the GPS cable that are used.  so the order, from left to right, assuming you're looking at the front of the oilpan where it says "No GPS" is:

   wire1 (left most) - not used

   wire2 - not used

   wire3 - SCL

   wire4 - SDA

   wire5 - VCC

   wire6 (rightmost) - GND

on the other end of the cable of course you will need to connect your GPS where you should find the same labels...so just match 'em up and you should be ok.



@Steve. And just so you know....Randy knew the above because if you look at the underside of the IMU it lists the 4 connections in their corrected order.

This is what I have with colored wire to show where it is connect on each item, the Mag and the connector. Is this correct??

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