Idea! - Ardumega on a real airplane

IT would be cool if someone actually connected an ardumega to a real aircraft to demonstrate its potential, in fact i see no downsides besides having to implement the controls with servos or an equivalence.What are your guys ideas on this?If anything it would be a great PR stunt.((i don't own a plane i am not offering to do it lol.)

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    I own a plane (that I built), and plan to try this at some point.  My plane is licensed as an experimental so such work is perfectly legal.

    A user of APM+Andropilot has reported limited success using an APM as the autopilot of his ultralight and andropilot as a supplemental instrument.

  • I am sure it will NOT allow open source project on real aircraft (even is 100% possible).

    Check with your insurance company.

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