Generally speaking, a GNSS RTK board will provide various electronic interfaces for communication as below.


- COM1/COM2, employ 5pin PicoBlade receptacle connector with TTL voltage level (1.25mm inter-pin distance)

- LED Indicator, shows the operational status (LED1 is data link indicator, LED2 is RTK status, LED3 is positioning status, LED4 is power indicator).

- Host USB port, receptacle USB 2.0 port for external USB Flash disk

- Micro USB, 5V DC power supply

- SD card slot, for plug in SD card

- SMA1, for GNSS antenna

- SMA2, for PPS output


As Tersus understands how important the interfaces for connection and communication, all Precis® series of GNSS RTK boards perform self-check and initialization procedure before they start to work. To get more info on the functions and get support for trouble shooting, drop us a mail or visit our official website for the User Guide. 

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