iFlight G40 Gimbal vibration issues for SONY A6000

Hi , Id like to ask about anyone elses experience with the iflight g40 gimbal.  Have any of you had it working well before without vibration issues? did you experience problems with vibrations making it unusable for video?  I bought one and since getting it I have not been able to get rid of the excessive vibration no matter the set up or mount making it unusable to collect stable footage.   It works but it will not work without the vibration effecting the video quality.  I had a representative give me a reason that it was not meant for video only photos and I have seen this commented in a youtube video comment as well but this is just ridiculous. If the gimbal shakes then it is neither good for video or photo's.  Your opinion or findings would be much appreciated as the company that sold me this are not helpful and I would like to find a solution otherwise I am going to have to return it but I think there must be others who have used it and had it perform ok.  Or does anyone know of a good gimbal for the Sony A6000?

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  • Yeah, I don't really understand what the issue is. I have seen plenty of commentary about these single-supported pitch axes not working.  But, in my Mech Eng opinion, it shouldn't be a problem.  First, because, if it was a problem on pitch, why isn't it a problem on roll all the gimbals with single support on role, which is most of them?  That bearing has even more load on it.  Secondly, my subjective opinion is, it's plenty stiff.

    However, this is the second gimbal of this style I have tried, which just doesn't work.  So I don't know.

    I'm probably going to try the Infinity MR-S if I can find the money.  I've seen lots of good reviews of that one.

  • I used to think that too but I spoke to a rep from "Rise Above" professional and commercial drones and they said they can be used as a stand alone gimbal, I'm not sure the telemetry/accelerometer data etc is able to be used, which can help make them more stable but apparently it is possible. Be my guest and contact them I'm sure they will let you know but this is mainly about trying to find a solution for the g40 sony gimbal.
  • Not sure you can use Zen gimbals with Pixhawk, Almost certain you need an Naza M, A3, or A3, sadly.
  • Hi Rob, thanks for the information.
    I just bought a new motor for the yaw axis because I noticed the motor had about 5mm of play but not sure that's going to help.

    Just for interest what frame type do you have yours on? Mine is on a tarot 680 pro with 380Kv motors. The reason I mention that is because the tarot folding frame has the arms with clips that secure the arms in place which may cause excess vibration.
    I am now getting clamps to permanently secure the arms in case it is due to frame vibration. I am not very hopeful it will work but I have spent thousands setting up for the sony camera and I am willing to try anything at this point.
    Personally, I do think it is the gimbal frame causing the problem because I have seen alexmos gimbals working well. I will keep you up to date with my findings now that I know there are others suffering the same problem. As I said I believe it's the gimbal frame causing it, I think the heavier cameras need the full frame supporting them. I have even thought of getting a set of mounts made for each axis using bearings and a system that takes the weight off the motors but I haven't got so far yet. It might be cheaper to just buy a new gimbal. Not impressed with the people at iFlight, some of their gear looks ok but if the G40 gimbal is anything to go by I'm not impressed, nor with the service either!
    I know that dji Zenmuse gimbals have good performance and can be used with PixHawk and sony A6000 but at $3500,AUD it's too much for me right now.
  • Couple months old but... yeah, I have this gimbal, and it's been a struggle.  I've spend hours and hours working on it, tuning it, balancing it, never can get it to be vibe free. Sometimes I think I have it, then I take it outside, and boot it up, no good, vibrating again.

    I've been getting frustrated with AlexMos software, assuming that is the problem, but maybe it's actually the mechanics?

    Interesting, and disappointing.  :(

    I find it shocking that they say it's just for still photos. A servo gimbal will work for stills!

    I wonder what the issue is?  The motors are too weak, or the structure?

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