• Hi, PCB mount (DronPi).. Raspberry Zero + ArduPilot... ...

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  • hmmm, it will definitely work with the pi 3 which would be better as its more powerful. As well you can try the navio+ image which is slightly different and should work with the pi1.

    I hate to even link to these guys but they will have a preempt image that will work on the raspberry pi zero. I would also suggest asking patrick in the mini z thread as he would have had to have been running an image with a rt kernel.

  • Hi Alex,

    The PCB is factory, when mount it reported..., it does not work image navio2 in Raspberry Zero? it OK in Raspberry 3.

  • you would want to use something with a realtime kernel. for the beaglebone black that is what is used same for the navio2. grab the image that emlid has that will work with the all versions of the pi. you don't have to use ardu* for navio with that image. Also I am interested in the board you are building. I saw your comment on patricks thread about the mini z. I am also building a board using the same components he did for the pi zero 1.3. I also use the bbbmini and navio2.

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