I have a Vortex Mojo 230, with a Taranis Q X7 and a Frsky XM+ Reciever whitch i cant seem to get to connect.

Ive gone through the usual bind process with transmitter in bind mode and setting power to recieverboard whilst holding the small button. All signals seem fine and it, ends with a green light witch indicates it is bound after rebooting and turning on remote. (i see there is connection because the light goes red when i turn off remote). But i dont get any signal strenght on remote and i get no stick input in betaflight. 

Ive tried to change reciever modes, both spectrum 1024 and sbus in addition to the PWM RX witch it seems to autodetect (i had to change reciever detection in Vortex Configurator to make this work in betaflight)

The manual says that it is possible to do the bind via the reset button also, but i cant figure that out either.



The components have worked earlier, so there should be no compatabillity problems. What am i doing wrong?

Im totally new to drones, and i must say the learning curve is steep.. So all help is appriciated!



Kristian from Norway

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