Implement another FBW mode?

I would like to see an FBW mode with the following characteristics:

Throttle stick: changes throttle directly.

Rudder stick: changes rudder directly like FBW-A, but does not wind up turn coordination integrator (kind of a separate issue)

Aileron stick: sets bank angle like FBW-A, but maybe holds course when centered

Elevator stick: no longer sets pitch angle directly, sets airspeed between minimum and maximum. Might need some tweaking to get this to work comfortably at every throttle setting. (this is the big change from FBW-A)


What are your thoughts? I think it would make the aircraft much harder to crash than it is in FBW-A, because FBW-A will allow stalls and even encourage spins with adverse yaw induced from improper aileron input during stall conditions.

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  • Oh, I'd also like some input on how to make the elevator stick function smoothly and comfortably at every throttle setting. it should probably always be holding altitude if it has the throttle to when the stick is centered.

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