Importing from the US to the UK

Hi,I'm fairly new to the UAVs and I'm thinking of buying a kit from 3d Robotics. Has anyone purchased a kit from the 3dr US website and imported it into the UK? Where there any problems. Was the additional costs an issues?Thanks,Greg.

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  • Hi Greg

    Are you looking at fixed wing or multi rotor? The only reason I ask is that I am selling my fixed wing set up from event38 and I'm in the UK should you be interested.

    Incidentally, I imported it from the US without any issues, although not from 3dr. The import duty actually turned out to be less than I had calculated for.



    • Hi Simon,

      Sorry that I'm asking in post of other member - I'm new and still I don't know how I could do it better - but I found your post as very interesting for me. I'm preparing to buy E384 from event38, but our custom officers have a big problem: how classify fixed wing drone for mapping with camera (together or separate) and which custom duties I should pay. They told me - find a similar classificacion in other EU country and we will follow the same. So, could you tell (write) me, if you still have the documents, what nomenclature code or BTI reference was used in your drone? By the way: did you sold your drone already?

      Best regards


    • Hi Simon,

      I'm looking for a multi rotor. In fact I have now bought the stuff needed. I was getting impatient as no one had what I wanted in the UK!

      Thanks for responding.

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