I have my separate MEMS parts (same model on the ArduIMU), so I'm trying to get a clone by burning the IMU code into my Duemilanove.

Unluckily the porting process is not simple as just wiring parts together, here's the first problem i found:

ArduIMU board uses a TQFP32 package of ATMEGA328 MCU, which has two more functional pins other then PDIP packaged one on Arduino Duemilanove.

The ADC4 and ADC5 pins on ArduIMU board are assigned for I2C interfacing, but Duemilanove doesn't have the two extra ADC pins(ADC6, ADC7) for necessary signal input from MEM sensors. How could i specify the pin assignment in the source code to fix this? Or, if it's feasible, so i could consider get another arduino board with TQFP chip, instead of quirking the souce code which i have no prior experience.



i found burning IMU code used Duemilanove configuration in Arduino IDE, i wonder how the extra pins are configured, interesting...

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  • Why bother, you will realize after many hours that its simply not worth the time - Im not tyying to crush your DIY spirt but I am reminded by the quote "When you are young you have time but no money, when you are old you have money but no time and time is money". Either way, the I2C is for a mag or baro or nunchuck or whatever i2c sensor you want. If you dont need that functionality then you are fine with the DIP 28-just remove that from the code. But just think - once you have a frankenstein arduIMU, how are you going to use it? It will most likely be oversized with wires dangling from the duemillanove etc....
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