IMU datalogger

Hi folks,

this is a newbie question about a datalogging version of a ArduIMU or ArduPilot.
For my glider I want to have some datalogging of GPS data, acceleration and gyros logged on SD-Card or something else. It is also possible to send all these data with serial output and then log it with some other external device.

First of all, is this project possible with these divices offered here?
If yes, what components do I need?
Is the software capable for this or do I need to rearrange the source-code (possibly in C)? Where can I find the source-code?
Is it possible to change the sensors for acceleration from the range of +/- 3g to at least +/- 8g?

Thanks for any help

Kai Gonet

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  • Today I was trying to test this with my apm 2.6. Removed the props to avoid issues, and tried to arm via pc, and an error is shown, THR VALUE BELOW FS or something like that, if I try to arm via Andropilot it says "Faiiled to arm, bad throtle"...

    So?, wouldnt it be possible to use datalogging without a radio? 

    Not interested at all in teh arduimu because I would also like to control photocameras via de apm, not just datalog.

  • I use this and recomend:
    I use the alternative firmware, and read 2 serial inputs, a gps and an imu.

    If you feel more like soldering and programming, there is:

    good luck
  • Admin
    look for openlog and similar item here and sparkfun. people have used them successfully for the same task.
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