Looking for some insights from the group on what may be the issue, and has anyone else had an IMU flatline and the rig end up on the ground in a pile of pieces? Here are two screenshots, with IMU and pitch/roll, and IMU and speed/altitude.

This flight was the second mapping flight and lasted about 6 mins until the crash from 300 feet.  


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Please attach your ".Bin" log file. 



IMU1 failed, but IMU 2 was healthy. 

Can you try to plug the AP to the USB and see if you can see live data coming out IMU1?

Btw I will suggest you to use EKF instead of the DCM, will give you more chances of survival in case of hardware malfunction. 

It will not boot or connect.  Couple of quick tones, then to red LED.

Is EKF enableable in 3.1.1 to failover or use IMU2 if IMU1 fails or is it only available in 3.2.x and up?

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