I admit this is a rant. But I am really getting tired of the various cams out there. I have a FlyCam and FlyCam2 and a MiniDV and a few others. All of them suffer the same deficit: they're stupidly over capable to the point it makes them hard to use. I have way too many flights which landed to reveal that no video or bad video was recorded.

What can't anyone make a simple cam that has a single switch with the single function of either having the camera off, or on/ recording. Why can't anyone use a simple, single color LED to show that it is or isn't on? Why do we need motion detection, night vision, infrared, gama ray, magnetic resonance or whatever else they find to jam into these things only to display their state on an LCD screen so tiny and only visible from certain angles and in the right light?

It strikes me that we could have much smaller and more easily attachable cams if someone out there would just make a simple, single function unit specialized for use with R/C or autonomous flight where it is turned on, sent to flight, and shut off on return. If you want to be tricky, then make the two terminals of the switch available so that it could be toggled in flight via one of the channels. But even that isn't necessary for the many of us who just want to record our flights. I don't want in-camera editing, flippable orientation and autoposting to YouTube and Facebook.

If anyone knows of an ultra simple cam that the designer didn't feel compelled to make it fit any circumstance (and in the doing make it fit very few) please let me know.  Certainly there are those of us who want all sorts of capabilities for their cameras, but I suspect that there are a lot of us who, like me, just want the simplest solution to a simple need.

Frump. Frump. Frump.




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Can't the gopro cameras do all that? Or (as Henri noted), any of the other POV sports cameras on the market.



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