Quick one. When I stwitch to stabilize mode and the plane is pitch down attitude the motor goes on. I just want to staiblise. ? Is this right. Fly by wire B does same which seems correct but why stabilise mode. Am I been dumb?


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Stabilize does not control the throttle. You're probably in a different mode that does..

Yep that is what I thought but in the mission planner it even reports the staus as satbilize. I can see on my computer when I change the button. ( 3 position swtich) In the mode setting page I set the modes up and it reflects correctly. Yet when I take the model and move it around avery time I go into pitch down the motor speed up. I even checked the staus of the gyros and accl in that report page and they are all doing their job correctly/. Any other setting I may have inadvertly changed. I did a reload when the new APM mission planner came out. thought this would fix it. but no.??

mmm i thort I was dumb. with all the wiring I routed the elevator through onto port 3 and esc on  to 2. I couldnt see the extension cable that I installed was different. I swopped the extension cable so it ends with the same colour it starts, dumb dumb dumb. BUT it works really well now. lesson tidy up your cables even if you have a degree, masters or doctrate, you can still make dumb mistakes.

 ta for your help sorry for wasting time when it could be used for the really difficult questions.

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