Inaccurate velocity measurement of UBlox GPS

Hi All:

    During my ground tests, I found that the velocity measurement (in North-East-Down format) of UBlox GPS is not accurate as I expected. The experiment is like this:

    1. fix a UBlox GPS unit on a trolley, which is initially stationery;

    2. move the trolley forward with a relatively constant speed (about 1 m/s);

    3. Stop and check data.


    I found that the recorded velocity is liked a bounded but random signal, osillating in the range of -1~1 m/s (yes, I observed even the -1 value at some points). May I know that have you guys encounter a similar problem, and how did you solve it?


    If possible, can someone tell me how about the accuracy of the MediaTek GPS's velocity measurement. I roughly remember that it only gives course velocity. If so, based on the measured Euler angles, can I have the North-East-Down velocity vectors?


   Many thanks for the help and suggestions from all of you!!





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No one has ever encountered the similar problem before!?


Many thanks for sharing some experience!

I think the uBlox firmware is optimized for much higher speed. Try again in a car.
You should check the Dynamic Platform Model, check this pic... .

Hi Chris, many thanks for your suggestion. I will do the test and get back to share the result.



Hi Darren:


    Many thanks for your suggestion and the illustration. I will change the setting accordingly and let you know whether the performance is improved.



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