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This thread is to discuss Indiegogo and Kickstart Projects linked to this post.

After reading the post “Yet Another follow-me copter on Kickstarter” I thought is would be interesting to list the campaigns crowd sourced and get an update of the current status. We have a lot of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowd sourced campaigns disseminate information on DIYD, and it’s a good thing. BUT, I think what would be great to follow up on which delivered and which did not, or quite not yet! and why.
The ones I can think of are (no particular order)
‘B’ The [R/C] Flying Car
Pocket Drone
Game of Drones
Easy Drone
R10 Quadrotor
Incredible HLQ
Robot Fourbot
MavBoard (delivered thank you)
The latest being Airdog and Hexo+ who still need to complete their campaigns
Also (randomly)
Search and Rescue bot
I think it would be great to have this discussion as it hard to keep track of all these drones options. And if crowd sourcing is really helping connect customers with products that want and work as expected when the get them.

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What if you're not looking for 'profits' but basically just trying to cover the R&D expenses you've already put in.  I've been working on a tilt rotor VTOL that can fly as a stand alone quad copter or with a wing attached.  I'm interested in trying to recover some of the money I put into it through crowdfunding.  

I'm not looking to become the next Oculus Rift, just trying to recover some costs and share the project. 

It's also open source, and I was planning to offer an option for 3G/4G Telemetry, and perhaps video streaming. 

Yes, technically R10 did deliver something - shame it didn't actually fly anywhere near like what they showed in their videos. I spun mine up only to have it flip violently - the forums indicated this was normal so I binned it. They took on a an enormous amount of work and when the going got tough, they shut up tight and faded away. It's a real shame when people don't realise that honest communication - however bad the message - is better than ignoring your customers.

The one huge positive is that it got me into the hobby - I had built a quad and a tri by the time their kit arrived.

Hexo+ has pulled past The Pocket Drone's record pledges haul just 13 days into their campaign. Kickspy says that it is trending for $965k, but it will easily break the magic million if Hexo+ experiences the last minute influx of pledges The Pocket Drone enjoyed.

I just happened across IDEO kickstarter again.

It doesn't look like much interest has been stirred with the design.

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