My team and I are working on indoor drone flights. Our build is

Frame: DJI S1000+

Flight Controller: Pixhawk v2.1 (not using an Edison)

Range finder: Lightware LIDAR SF10A

Optical flow sensor: PX4FLOW

Software: Mission Planner (Beta Version)  and python scripting + 3DR dronekit library

Firmware version: 3.4.6

We've achieved stable flights indoors and have accurate position tracking to the 1-5cm level, however from time to time we receive magnetometer anomalies which skews the YAW and cause the drone to have instability when in loiter mode causing it to swing +/- 50cm in X and Y position. We are in a high bay facility with thick concrete walls and have electrical panels near our drone operation area which no doubt cause some magnetic field interference.

It's clear to me we won't be able to shield or avoid magnetic field interference or instability due to our facility, so here's my question:

Is it possible to completely disable all magnetometers and rely on the angular velocity provided by the PX4FLOW for loiter-mode flights for the YAW measurement. 

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Pixhawk/copter developers, do you have any insights on this? I'm curious if i need to start pursuing a different flight controller for stable indoor operation. 

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