I'm looking for a quad that we can fly indoors to demonstrate our Ground Control Station, the Wing GCS (Image below) We currently test with a bigger quad with 16" carbon rotors, but it's clearly not the sort of thing we can fly around the workshop. I know there are examples of this sort of thing, but we don't have time to put an aircraft together ourselves.

Ideally, we're after the following capabilities:

  1. Telemetry This is critical. We could really do with a something we can fly through Mission Planner, but as long as we can use a standard PC joystick to fly, that would be fine.
  2. Camera gimbal This is starting to put demands on the weight, but it doesn't need to be great quality. Perhaps a micro camera like the Mobius with a pan/tilt gimbal.
  3. Autonomous flight I don't know how this might work without being able to see the satellites, but I thought maybe there might be some sort of solution that uses optical flow and allows waypoint following.

Is the anything around that meets the above requirements? Even if it was just the first two, that would be a start.


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