Inductive Charging a Quadcopter?

Hi guys,

In my quest to create a fully autonomous drone I got thinking "hey, what if it can CHARGE ITSELF?" This is the point where light bulbs turned on in my head and so on. With all these wireless charging mats for cellphones and such, there just has to be a way to create a docking station for a quad to fly  to, sit there for a while for a full service recharge, then back off to its task at hand until its back for more of that delicious wireless juice. 

I'd like to keep the cost low on this idea (of course), so I'm thinking it would be best not to create it from the ground up, but rather use what is available. The main problem I see here is what's available is chargers for cellphones, which run on single cell batteries. This just isn't enough voltage for my 4 cell quad. Anyone know of an inductive charging system that can charge 4 cell batteries? Or any other ideas for tackling this problem?

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  • Dumb question from a soccer mom (who was once a mathematician) - if drones already use li-po batteries and cell phones use li-po with qi technology for inductive charging, why couldn't a drone be powered by a cell phone battery/qi pad charger?

    Through sheer ignorance I've managed to make a home built in 1902 quite smart by having ideas and searching Amazon for the opportunity to purchase whatever product someone has already made.  I have found lots of forums discussing why I can't get a drone that doesn't require human intervention to charge it, but most of it is over my head.  I live in another state and would like to have a small drone with 360 video capability that I could program different routes to check on the house remotely.  A robot is not practical because the house has 4 floors, although I suppose I could put a robot on each floor if I could get the qi technology going (4 would probably be very expensive).  I'd rather have a drone and maintain landing pads on each floor.  The drones with wheels are brilliant.

    I'd love to have some idea of how long it will be before someone will make the product I want to buy, and why the qi idea wouldn't work.  Thanks in advance...

  • So Balance charge and time to charge is the hold up on this. We need better batteries how do they charge the Telsa car it uses li ion can we use that type of power source

  • waiting on parts to resume experiments

  • li ion charge faster means less time sitting on the docking station li ion oxide the Telsla batteries by Panasonic they are getting better faster charge and last longer if they can power a lawn mower why not my quadcopter for 2 hours with a 45 min charge time wireless

  • I plan to make a ground-based mecanical solution, I ll prototype with my lego mindstorm but since it is a hobby project there is no real time plan.

    • can you write a code to do balance charge with out having to be connected to the charger using Adruino nano or just the chip to save space on the battery. there are wireless system strong enough to charge a 6s lipo out all ready  but not balance charge

    • I'm going to start looking for a way to do wireless balance charge and experiment with li ion batteries. I think putting all the electronic in the battery pack is the only way to go so no matter the vehicle it will allways get the right charge


      • I know this can be done because you can charge a car that way why not a toy 

  • Hello you can make your own I plan to start a experiment with a wireless system also. Problem I have is how can you do balance charging 

  • I'm working on it
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